COMING SOON - The UK's First recognised Shariah-compliant matchmaking app

Shariah Compliant Matchmaking.

Sunnah Nikah is a discreet, shariah compliant, Muslim matrimony service. Our sole purpose is to find you your perfect partner in a halal and discreet manner.


The UK's First recognised Shariah-compliant matchmaking app


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From £15 /Year

✅ Invitation to Exclusive private WhatsApp groups.

✅ Option for our team to share profiles to all groups

✅ Profile published to our profile portal.

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£100 /one-time fee

✅ 1:1 Matchmaking with an experienced scholar - 1 Month

✅ Weekly Profile Sharing Service - 4 Months

✅ Membership on WhatsApp Groups - 1 Year

✅ Profile published to our profile portal - 1 Year

✅ 10 free contact requests from our Profile Portal

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Established in 2016 by Ulama to simplify the Muslim community's search for marriage, Sunnah Nikah is now the largest "Shariah Compliant Matrimony Service" with nearly 8000 members from UK, EU, USA and Canada on 75 WhatsApp groups and on our Profile Portal.

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The Process

Complete Registration Questionnaire

Complete our Registration Questionnaire to create an account.

Choose a Service

Once you have created your account, you need to choose a service and make a payment.

Invitation into a Group Chat

Within a maximum of 48 hours our team will contact you and add you to the relevant groups.

Hundreds of Success Stories ❤️

Assalamu aleikum brother, I hope that you are keeping well Insha Allah. I want to thank you and all the help given to me in finding a spouse. Alhamdulillah I have got married Please feel free to kindly remove my details.

AsSalaamu Alaikum We may have found a match Alhamdulillah. And so, we are not going forward with the service unless we need it. Request khaas duas. Jzk

As salamu alaykum
I just wanted to request my CV to be taken
off this service, Alhamdulillah I have found a match via your sunnah nikah service

I pray Allah accepts the wonderful work you and your team do, and rewards you
extensively for helping individuals complete half their Deen…. Ameen

I was looking for a wife for a solid year
and was using the sunnah nikkah groups
and other avenues to help facilitate my
search, Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah a girl matched me from the under 3os group and it's been nearing 2 months and I couldn't be happier. My family have been to her house and her family will be coming down mine this week, but alhamdulillah so far so good. Just like to say big thank u to yourself and all the team involved. Allah increase you all in goodness and barakah